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Contact information and CVs of the team members can be found at the official MMC e.V. website

In 2014, the tourism and sustainability expert Marcus Hirsch had the basic idea for – the somewhat different cruises around the world: You have to lead by example in the industry and show with consistently sustainable and carbon-free cruises that doing things differently can work.

Because his rough concept of safe, luxurious and sustainable travel sounded logical, the passionate sailor quickly found comrades-in-arms and supporters. Michael Pfaff from Starclipper, for example, the business mathematician Jörg Zey or the lawyer Charalambos Avaratzis from Limassol/Cyprus, who also sails. Just a few years after the flash of inspiration, a team of experts had formed, which came together in the MMC e.V. association in 2019.
With their specialist knowledge, they cover all areas that are required for the financing, construction and operation of the flotillas: tourism managers, tour operators, finance and sustainability experts, conservationists, professional divers, sports teachers, yoga gurus, all-rounders, craftsmen, business economists and top chefs. Not to forget the marine animal rights activists, green tech engineers, furniture designers, photographers, marketing specialists, meteorologists and last but not least: the skippers with their certified crews.
Uwe Endres and his tour operator form the core of the distribution team together with Sven Ehricht from SPORT SPEAKER as Key Account Manager. The idea of ​​taking burnout patients on board for the offshore distances and providing them with therapeutic support during their rehabilitation also came from successful top athletes. The map below is the who’s who of Well over 50 people from several European countries put their expertise at the service of a truly global idea.



is strategic Partner for diving, Certifikation and Travel


 is our Tourcoerator

is patner in Yardelectronic and Datamanagement

is for KEY Acount and MICE

is Partner for Safety GPS detection for persons

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is Partner for diving Hardware

NRC International has managed to become a well-known corporation regarding Nitrox within a few years.

We have a worldwide leading position and are known as a partner for perfect solutions in the production of Nitrox. You can find NRC International Nitrox Membrane Systems, for a safe and economic production of Nitrox up to Nitrox 40. We offer Oxygen Analysers, Nitrox Membrane Systems, Oxygen Sensors, Compressors and ProNRC teaching material in the greatest dive areas all over the world. That guarantees a unproblematic supply of Nitrox for Divers.

The Quality and economic efficiency of the NRC International Nitrox Membrane Systems is outstanding and the reliability unrivaled. The complete product range of the NRC gaslogistic has an industrial quality and satisfies highest demands. It is future-proof and can be used in permanent operation. Our systems have proved themselves even in far-flung distinctions.

A technique you can rely on!

is Partner for Seafarer Education

 is Partner for sheets, towels, pillows, …

 is Partner for Sustainable Sails

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German Embassy Nokosia helps with network


is Partner for Sustainable Clothes and Shoes


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