Namesake for our ships

Man must cooperate with nature. Hans Carl von Carlowitz, the chief mining officer of the Ore Mountains, recognized this more than 300 years ago as the creator of the forestry sustainability concept.

Born in 1645, Carl enjoyed a humanistic education. For generations, the noble von Carlowitz family cultivated forest areas in the hills around Rabenstein Castle. His father was Georg Carl von Carlowitz, Chief Forester of the Elector of Saxony. After studying law and political science in Jena, Carl von Carlowitz devoted himself to natural science and mining studies. On his travels through Europe in the 17th century, he learned how valuable and scarce the raw material wood is. Among other things, Carl von Carlowitz was responsible for the supply of wood to the Saxon mining and metallurgical industry in the Ore Mountains, initially as a deputy and from 1711 as chief mining officer.

Excessive mining and a constantly growing population led to an energy crisis in the region even then. Without regulated management and reforestation of the forests, wood became scarce. Carl von Carlowitz was the first to clearly recognize this and act. His important work „Sylvicultura oeconomica“ is considered the birth document for sustainable forestry. In 1713, a year before his death, he demanded that only as much wood should be felled as can grow back through reforestation. This work is considered to be the cornerstone of German forestry and is the basis of the principle of the sustainable use of raw materials, which has become more necessary than ever.

Therefore, Carl von Carlowitz, as the founder of sustainability, is the ideal namesake for our climate-neutral and luxurious sailing catamarans. 96 ships will sail around the world with his message and drop anchor in all populated continents. Carl’s idea in the form of our CO2-neutral ships is intended to build bridges between cultures and connect people. The ships and crews have a unique vision of the future: they open the doors to climate-neutral and sustainable travel.