World first: CO2 neutral and sustainable cruises

You enjoy your holiday on board and protect the environment. All ships in our fleet are 100% carbon neutral. On the one hand, indispensable shipbuilding materials that are not CO2 neutral are compensated by sustainable projects in the countries of origin, on the other hand we use the latest technologies to avoid emissions.

Where compensation is still inevitable, e.g. for example, on arrival and departure important standards are met and the funds are used transparently and completely.

Life on board is comfortable and yet environmentally friendly. For example, we do not use any plastic and only use environmentally-friendly cleaning and care products. Our kitchen crews only process fresh, local food, which they buy at home markets and much more.
All activities, whether water sports or shore excursions, which we offer ourselves, are accordingly CO2-free.

In addition, we sponsor small and medium-sized projects in our own countries that meet the 17 main destinations for sustainable development.

Our offers are bookable. Please contact our member Uwe .